TTulpe Indoor B-10 P30/37/50 Eco propane gas water heater with battery ignition ErP / NOx

TTulpe Indoor B-10 Eco propane gas water heater, 10 liters per minute with digital display

The TTulpe Indoor gas water heaters without pilot light offer great performance with a size that was unimaginable until today.

The gas water heater "Indoor B-10 Eco" can be installed indoors and is a 10 liter per minute model. The Indoor B-10 Eco is an open modulating propane gas water heater. Only the Indoor B-10 is equipped with a unique gas control valve, so it does not matter whether you connect the water heater to 30, 37 or 50 mbar gas pressure. This makes the water heater internationally usable with any local gas pressure regulator. (propane gas only).

The TTulpe Indoor B-10 complies with Ecodesign Directive 2009/125 / EC and has the lowest NOx emissions in the market.

The self-modulating valve controls the amount of energy required to heat the water required. This results in significant energy savings. There is also a gas-saving mode so that less gas is used in the warmer months.

Due to the modulation, this gas water heater is ideally suited in combination with mixer taps or thermostatic taps.

The gas water heater works from a water pressure of 0.2 bar. This is the lowest water pressure in the market.

The Indoor B-10 is an open type gas water heater. The use of a flue pipe to the outside is necessary. Adequate ventilation in the room where the appliance is hung must also be taken into account. By means of various safeguards, the gas water heater will switch off when the flue gases are insufficiently discharged.

Thanks to the modern Low / NOx water-cooled burner, this model complies with the new strict EU environmental legislation.

The appliance is equipped with a digital display on which you can set the desired temperature.

The automatic ignition works on a battery and comes into operation as soon as water flows through the appliance. So no power connection is required.

Applying and installing the appliance is simple. The connections for water and gas are provided with ½ inch screw thread.

The TTulpe® Indoor B-10 is suitable to replace your old boiler, kitchen, bath or shower water heater. But of course also as a new hot water supply in your boat, caravan, tiny house, apartment or holiday home.

The digital display shows the water temperature. The water heater may only be used in normally ventilated areas with a flue gas outlet to the outside. The water heaters are completely safe and allowed throughout Europe.

NB! Our 50 mbar water heaters (P50) are mainly used in German-speaking countries. They can also be used in other countries, but in that case please make sure that you use them with a 50 mbar gas pressure regulator. These are available separately on our website (see Accessories).

TTulpe Indoor B10

Digital display

Power 18.93Kw.

10 liters of water per minute.

Propane / butane gas. 30, 37 or 50 mbar. (Device sets this itself)

Gas consumption 1.65 Kg per hour.

Up to 65 degrees Celsius.

Diameter discharge pipe 110 mm. Length at least 50 cm. Maximum 3 meters.

Dimensions 550 x 330 x 196 mm. (HxWxD)

Weight: 9 Kg

Automatic battery ignition. 2 LR20 Batteries needed. (Not included.)

1/2 inch gas and water connections.

Delivery incl. Two stainless steel water hoses, 1 with shut-off tap, Gas connection adapter with solder connection, Teflon tape, hanging material, instructions.

EAN: 8719689676469

Brand: TTulpeŽ
Energy class: Product sheet
£ 315,- incl. VAT



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