Common problems with gas water heaters: The unit does not start:

*. The first is to make sure that the water is flowing over the "right" side of the device. When the incoming and outgoing water are reversed, the unit will not operate. The input is based on the far right side and the output is in the middle.

*. The second thing to check is whether the batteries are "full" and whether the poles are inserted correctly (+/-). TKnow that some batteries have protective foil and / or plastic caps on the poles that must be removed.

*. The third thing to check is whether there is enough gas present and that the gas supply to the water heater is open. Please note that even with a new bottle, it is possible that there is first some air in the piping. Just start again a few times and it is sufficient to purge the device.

*. The fourth thing to check is whether there is sufficient water pressure is available. The water pressure must not fall below 1.3 Bar, a security lock in the electronics assures ignition will not be possible. Remove any kinks in the hose or use a water pump for extra pressure on the water supply. Another cause of lack of pressure can also be contamination, these are, for example, lime or pollution can be supplied with the water flow in the filter. Take in this case the filter clean and connect the device "reversed" so cold water supply on the output iconnection for an extended period of time with a lot of water to flush out any dirt.

*. The fifth thing to check is whether all plugs are tight, they may first click and refit them again.

*Unit turns on and then off again:

a. The unit only works with a supply of at least 2 liters per minute and a minimum pressure of 1.38 bar.

b. Strong wind.

c. Too little gas. Propane gas cylinders are sometimes contaminated with air, especially new tanks which are filled for the first time. Turn on the unit a number of times (5) to remove the air from the gas.

d. One of the sensors is bent and / or is too close to the burner. Check if the ignition sensor and the heat sensor are completely vertical, at an angle of 90 degrees with the back side of the housing. If they are not straight, then bend them carefully right with pliers.

e. The thermocouple must be pointed towards the flammes.

f. The wiring of the gas sensor may be loose. Verify that all wiring and / or plug connections are tight.

The water is not hot enough:

a. You use the system at an altitude above 1,800 meters. Although the system has been tested to 2200 meters altitude, but use above 1800 meters is not advisable.

b. Look in the panels (through the window at the front) to see if there is a blue flame. If the flame is yellow, there may be a crack in the gas regulator. Do not use the unit immediately and call our technical department on tel. 0229-842424!

c. There is too much water running through the water heater, we advice to install a tap at the cold water inlet and adjust the amount of water running through.

When parts that stabbing in the burner (as the thermocouple and spark plugs), it is NORMAL that the fire shows a yellow flame and is completely safe!

There is water, but no hot water:

a. Make sure the water inlet and outlet are properly connected. The water supply should be connected to the input connection (rightmost connection).

b. Provide adequate water pressure at least 1.38 bar continuously.

c. Ensure there is sufficient gas in the propane tank, and the gas pressure regulator installed correctly and is opened.

d. In order for the ignition works properly functioning batteries required. Make sure the batteries in the correct polarity (+/-) are provided and that any protective film is removed.

The unit does not work:

a. Make sure the water supply is connected to the water inlet (rightmost connection).

b. Ensure a sufficient amount of propane gas.

c. Make sure you have properly functioning batteries correctly and without protection film is mounted. If you are still having problems, or work with a different water system, please call technical customer service on 0031 229-842424.