The name, Euromac, originates from European machines. Though a mayor part from our assortment, is imported from Asia, the quality stays European. This means that the quality remains good!

Euromac is a dynamic company, active in importing and developing of products from following product groups, which was grounded in 1974.

Several extended product groups:

  • Cleaning
  • Garden and Leisure
  • (Electric) Heating
  • Generators
  • Climate control
  • Patio heating

In the broad assortment we offer the perfect solution for the real professional as well as for the DIY users.

Euromac Always offers more

Take a look at the product range of Euromac and find out that, how easy the products may seem, we always offer extra advantages.

You will not notice these advantages in our prices! Euromac always makes sure that quality will be reachable for everyone.

Powerful Products

Our credo, Powerful Products, tells a lot about our products. They are strong, trustworthy and powerful!

Our strength beyond our products

Euromac is a stockholding company which can deliver her products very fast on, by customer, requested places in Europe.

Euromac also offers extra support possibility’s as:

  • Flexibility
  • An experienced service department
  • Reservation of stock, to make sure you can always order
  • EDI order processing
  • High quality images of all products for expressions in your brochures or on your website
  • Every season more and more innovations following latest developments
  • Short organization lines and quick communication
  • A very active group of employees

When you still miss something in this line, we will make sure to also fulfil this request.