TTulpeŽ Indoor B-6 P37 Eco, propane instantaneous gas water heater with battery ignition, ErP/ Low NOx

6 liters per minute propane gas water heater with battery ignition. Gas pressure: 30-37 mbar

The new TTulpe® Indoor B-6 Eco

The TTulpe Indoor B-6 is the smallest indoor gas water heater on the market.
The "Indoor B-6 Eco" gas water heater can be installed indoors and is an 6 liter per minute model. The Indoor B-6 Eco is an open modulating propane gas water heater.

The self-modulating valve controls the amount of energy required to heat the water that is required. This ensures a considerable energy saving. There is also a gas saving mode so that less gas is used in the warmer months.

Because of the modulation, this water heater is ideally suited in combination with mixer taps or thermostat taps.

The gas water heater works from a water pressure of 0.2 bar. This is the lowest water pressure in the market.

The Indoor B-6 is an open type gas water heater. The use of a flue pipe to the outside is necessary. Sufficient ventilation must also be taken into account in the room where the appliance is hung. By means of various safeguards, the gas water heater will switch off when the flue gases are insufficiently removed.

The device is equipped with manual operation of the gas supply and the water flow.

You can set the temperature by adjusting the water flow rate with the right rotary control.

The automatic ignition works on a battery and starts operating as soon as water flows through the device. No power connection is therefore required. The automatic ignition ensures the ignition of a pilot flame. The pilot flame then ignites the main burner when you request hot water. If after 60 seconds there is no more hot water demand, the pilot light will extinguish. Once installed, you no longer have to worry about the device.

Installing and installing the device is easy. The connections for water and gas are provided with ½ inch thread.

The TTulpe® Indoor B-6 is suitable for replacing your old boiler, kitchen, bath or shower heater. but of course also as a new hot water supply in your boat, caravan, tiny house, apartment or holiday home.

TTulpe Indoor B-6 P37 Eco

- Gas type: propane, butane or LPG

- Gas pressure: 30-37 mbar

- Nominal output power: 11.6KW

- Battery ignition (1.5 Volt)

- Frost protection: no

- Dimensions: 256x550x246 mm (w x h x d)

- minimum water pressure: 0.2 Bar

- Maximum water pressure: 10 Bar

- Water flow: between 2.5 and 6 liters per minute

- Temperature range: 35 to 65 degrees

- Flue gas outlet connection: 90 mm

- Net weight: 9,4 Kg.

- Energy class A+

- Tap water: XS

- Electric frost protection system: No.

- KIWA, Gastec certified

Package contents: geyser, manual, 1x 1.5 Volt battery type LR20, strainer.

Brand: TTulpeŽ
Energy class: Product sheet
£ 255,- incl. VAT