Heateq FEA 50 V stainless steel flat boiler 2000 watt

50 liter stainless steel flat boiler

The Thermex Heateq FEA 50 V Flat electric storage water heater has a compact built-in depth, since it is equipped with the so-called 'double tank'. The installation depth is only 255 mm. This boiler has a heating element that can supply a power of 2000 Watt.

Operation is very easy due to a simple knob.

The appliance is absolutely safe to use. The boiler is CE-certified and can be applied in all of Europe. Next to that, this appliance comes with an inlet combination which also functions as a pressure relief valve and a non-return valve. Also a power cable is included.

This water heater is as simple as possible built for long life and easy maintenance

The appliance has a 2 year warranty and the tank even has a 7 year warranty!


Brand: Thermex

Type: Heateq FEA 50 V (vertical mounting)

Weight: 12 kg.

Dimensions: 255 x 433 x 860 mm (d x w x h)

Capacity: 50 liters

Material: stainless steel.

Connection: 2000 Watt / 230 Volt

Heating time: 1 hour, 20 min.

Protection class: IPX4

Maximum pressure: 6 bar

Power supply: C

Power consumption: 1418 kWh.

Product Information:

Magnified magnesium anode

Inner container of austenitic stainless steel.

Construction type: flat

vertical installation

Wall thick inner container 1,5 mm

with safety valve, 5 steps safety

High-density polyurethane thermal insulation

Contents of package: boiler, manual, heavy duty wall anchors for wall mounting, non-return valve and power cable.

Brand: Thermex
This item is no longer available, contact us for possible alternatives.