Eurom AC 2401E mobile split airco for caravans

Split air conditioner for caravans, campers and holiday homes.

AC 2401E caravan air conditioner is developed exclusively by its low power for caravan, motorhome, camper, tent, boat, beach hut, chalet or animal shelter. Compact shape lightweight and easy to store. Open spaces up to 6.5 meters long can be cooled just fine.

The caravan / motorhome air conditioner is a high quality piece for recreational use. No complicated installation but an outer and inner part with molded cooling pipe ø 6 mm. This makes it always possible to close your window while the air conditioner is running. The power is such (375W / 1.6A) that you can use this air smoothly on camping and other recreational places a lower amperage. The air conditioner is equipped with the necessary brackets and condensate drain. Equipped with electronic control system for monitoring the temperature and fan speed.


Eurom: AC 2401E
Cooling capacity: 2400 Btu / h / 700 w / h
Power consumption: 375 watts

Ampere: 1.5 A (for camping)

Cooling space: 16 m3
Max. dehumidification: 1.0 l / h
Voltage: 230V / 50 Hz
Refrigerant: R134A
Fan speed: 2 positions

Cooling: 3 positions

Working temperature: 16-35 ° C
Timer: 0.5 - 7.5 hours
Drain condensate: indoor + outdoor part
Cool line: 1.0 m (fixed)

thickness 6 mm

Noise within 45 dBA
Noise outside: 54 dBA
Dimensions in part: L 40 x W 19 x H 36 cm
Dimensions outdoor unit: L 44 x W 21 x H 38 cm
Weight: 22 kg
Mounting: Wall brackets included

Brand: Eurom
£ 425,-
£ 405,- incl. VAT



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