Cointra Supreme 11 Vi Plus b

Latest version of the Supreme water heaters also useful in combination with a solar installation

The new Supreme Vi Plus is a modulating gas water heater on propane gas with fan.

It also includes a unique and novel system ECS (electronic fuel management) that makes it possible to continuously control the combustion.
This reduces the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere considerably

The Supreme Vi Plus can be used in combination with a solar heating system. The incoming temperature is measured and automatically modulates the water heater.

The new system "continuous modulation system" (similar to the so far only on high-end systems CV applied system), provides the ability to use only the amount of gas, is strictly necessary in order to reach the set temperature. You do not mix with cold water. In this way, the gas is a saving of up to 20% water and up to 35% with respect to traditional models.

The dimensions are very small (height / width / depth): 595/295/195 mm in the 11-liter version (30% smaller than competitive models). This allows for an easy installation.

Moreover, the Supreme is equipped with a display with digital information.

Temperature is set manually with the knobs.

19.2 KW

11 liters per minute

230 Volt / 40 Watt

30 mbar gas (propane).

Brand: Cointra
This item is no longer available, contact us for possible alternatives.