Thermex TIP 500 white   

Thermex Stream 500 5 kW. white

The Thermex 500 is a very small and compact instant water heater. Using the supplied tap and shower set, installation is easy. The TIP will give you hot water any time a day in an instant. It is a so-called pressureless system. That means that the regulator tap is mounted at the inflow side of the system. The amount of inflowing water determines the water temperature. When you do not need any hot water, the machine is turned off. So it does not use any water or energy, which makes it highly efficient. The water heater does not any energy and yet is always stand-by. When you open the tap the built-in pressure regulator will start up the machine: it will give you hot water without any limits. As oppossed to traditional boilers and tank water heaters the TIP 500 can, due to its compact size, be installed close to any water tap (e.g. your sink or in a kitchen cupboard). The tankless water heater does not need any maintenance. The heating elements are not submerged in water and thus do not age nor detriorate. The TIP 500 is worldwide fully approved under international standards for both electric equipment and drinking water applications. The TIP 500 comes in 5 kW, with a water flow of 3 liters / minute on average. Maximum water flow 5 liters per minute. All TIP 500 tankless water heaters operate with normal water pipe pressure. The TIP 500 produces a modest amount of hot water. Perfectly suited to wash your hand or even take a hot shower. Use the TIP 500 to have hot water in your holiday home, garage or in your kitchen. A perfect alternative if no gas connection is available and you still limitlessly want to enjoy hot water in an energy-saving way. You need at least a 22 Amps fuse. The TIP 500 is mounted on a single screw. Water connection: 1/2 inch. Any normal cold water pipe or garden hose can be connected. Put in the plug and you're done!

Dimensions: 280 x 165 x 95 mm.

Weight: 2 kg

Brand: Thermex
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