ELDOM E42 instant electric water heater with 3.5 kW, single-lever mixer. 230 volts

Electric mini kitchen water heater with energy class A

Water Heater with single-lever mixer 3.5kW

No more waiting for hot water. The water heater will give you at any time of the day instant hot water.

It has a high efficiency. If you do not need hot water, the heater is off. It thus does not consume any water or energy and is therefore extremely efficient in use. The water heater consumes no energy and is still on standby, because by opening the tap, an built-in valve is activated and you have direct and unlimited hot water.

The water heater includes a mixer to mix the cold with the hot water.

Make the water heater hot water in your apartment, in the garage or in your kitchen. Perfect alternative if you do not have gas connection and want to enjoy unlimited hot water in an energy efficient manner. You must have a fuse of at least 16 A.


Plumbing connection size: 1/2 Inch

Power: 3.5 kW. 230 Volt 16 Amp.

Energyclass: A

Working pressure 0,2 - 0,8 MPa

Dimensions: 232 x 145 x 85 mm. (H x w x d)

Weight: 2.01 kg.

37 ° C at 1 l / min at an inlet temperature of 12 ° C

32 ° C at 1.5 l / min at an inlet temperature of 12 ° C


Brand: ELDOM
£ 77,40
£ 72,30 Incl. VAT




  • Eldom E42 electric instant water heater instruction video