Safefill refillable LPG gas bottle

The Safell LPG Gas bottle helps you save considerably on your gas expenses. Now including an adapter for pressure regulators with a DIN connection.

The Safell LPG Gas bottle helps you save considerably on your gas expenses.

By filling up yourself at the LPG pump you will save at least EUR 10 per filling. That helps!

Organizing a BBQ party this weekend and still got a bit of gas left in your old gas bottle? Better swap it for a full one, you don't want to be caught without gas. With the Safefill gas bottle you will never run out of gas again, because you will just refill it. You will only for the liters you put in it. Doesn't only save you money, it saves aggrevation.

Taking the motorhome/caravan abroad? Forget about swapping your empty gas bottle. No one will swap your Dutch gas bottle and a German or French gas bottle is no good here. Go the safe way and buy your Safefill gas bottle now and start saving.

You are fed up with lugging heavy steel gas bottles at your boat! You do not want to have one of those rusty scrap heaps in your gas bun? Kill three birds with one stone with the Safefill LPG gas bottle. Since it will be much cheaper too.

Why filling with LPG?

Always leave for holiday with a full bottle.

It is an open secret that LPG is much cheaper that readily filled gas bottles. Any butane or propane operated gas appliance with function without a problem on LPG. Butane has a higher caloric value but will freeze during winter. That is why more propane is mixed into LPG. LPG is a cleaner fuel.

Why the Safefill LPG gas bottle?

It has to be light, the Safefill gas bottle only weighs 7,2 kg.

The bottle is transparent, you can easily see how much gas is left.

Easy to fill up yourself.

Save by never ever paying the grand prize for a little bit of gas, just refill. After all, you will only pay for the liters you fill.

The bottle is made of a composite material. Together with the plastic casing, it won't rust or bump your precious boat or motorhome.

The Safefill gas valve is suitable for pressure regulators with a POL connection. An adaptor for the most commonly used regulators with a DIN connection is supplied, free of charge.

Specifications Safefill gas bottle:


Fill weight:

5 kg.

7,5 kg.

10 kg.


384 mm.

460 mm.

571 mm.


306 mm.

306 mm.

306 mm.

Empty weight:

3,4 kg.

4,1 kg.

5 kg.


12,5 ltr.

18,2 ltr

24,5 ltr.

Relieve valve 26 Bar

Cannot be refilled past 80%

Gas exit prevention

Additional gas exit limitation

Read filling

Visually through transparant bottle

Visually through transparant bottle
Brand: Safefill
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