Cox Geelen BV has a long history dating back to the founding year 1871. Cox Geelen is located in Eijsden, near Maastricht, in a business park of 63,000 m2.

Producer of flue systems

As a leading manufacturer develops, Cox Geelen produces and sells various flue systems and ventilation products.
We are a valued partner of many wholesalers and boiler manufacturers. The basis for this is formed by broad technical knowledge and experience, and quality oriented thinking.

world Player

Our headquarters is located in Eijsden, Netherlands. From Eijsden the products are transported throughout the Netherlands and our products are exported worldwide.

Quality is the key to Cox Geelen

Obviously Cox Geelen is ISO 9001 certified. Besides Gastec Qa and KOMO already marked our flue products CE. This also applies to the plastic and ConLas® CLV systems.
Our R & D department has a well-equipped laboratory with sophisticated testing facilities. The wind tunnel and freezing chamber the opportunity to simulate weather.

Member of Bergschenhoek Group

Since 2000, Cox Geelen part of the Bergschenhoek Group.

Climate neutral enterprise

Proudly Cox Geelen can call itself a carbon-neutral company. The CO2 emissions that we produce is offset in its entirety. In this way we have chosen to fulfill our slogan "The next step to a better environment."